Hot Drinks
Available day and night

Filter Coffee Decaf available… £1.90
Pot of Tea for one£1.90
Green Tea/Earl Grey£2.00
Fruit Tea-
various… £2.00
- short, strong black coffee… £2.00
Large Espresso
espresso topped with hot water £2.00
- Espresso, dash of hot milk… £2.20
Café Latte
- Espresso topped with steamed milk… £2.40
- add flavoured syrup for 40p
Liqueur Latte
- add your choice of liqueur… £4.70
Cappuccino -
Espresso with steamed, frothed milk … £2.30
Mocha -
Latte made with chocolate syrup… £2.70
Hot Chocolate

A selection of biscuits are available80p each